25.Jan.2016 12 ways to become a charismatic leader

If you wish to become a charismatic leader, you need to study the important leadership characteristics that you can use in leading any group of persons.

One of the most important qualities a charismatic leader should have is his or her personality. Charismatic leaders are “magnetic” – they have distinct, solid and strong personality that attracts people.

Perth Business NewsSecondly, a good leader has vision, who knows where your company is heading. Having a clear vision that points the way to where you and your group should be heading is a crucial step. And not just any vision, one that it’s incredibly compelling and it’s in line with your values, interests and desires.

In addition to, charismatic leaders have advanced oratorical skills. These leaders use advanced oratorical skills, not only to arouse emotions within audiences, but to transform initiatives through direct action by employees.

Charismatic leaders are made not born. Leadership skills can be learned. Leadership training has and always will be a significant part of organisational development. Sadly companies are not becoming more effective with the onslaught of new leadership models, because many, if not most, fail to consider the model that best fits the personality of the manager.

An interesting article posted by Business Insider can help you become a better leader. The article discusses the 12 ways to become a charismatic leader.

Read the full article here: http://www.businessinsider.com.au/how-to-be-a-charismatic-leader-2016-1

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