29.Oct.2018 7 kickstarters to get you out of your marketing slump

Marketing is essential in order for a business to survive, grow and become successful. Business owners understand the importance of marketing no matter what size or type of business they are in. Entrepreneurs create marketing plans however all too often they end up on collecting dust sitting on a shelf.

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The marketing plan that you create should be guiding your business’ daily activities: this means that it is not only for you, but for your team and employees as well.  It should be a go-to resource you revise, adapt and refer to often for the long haul.

There are times when small business owners get busy doing other things. As a result, the once very active marketing efforts reach slump. During such times, no marketing efforts are done.

However, continuing to staying on of the mind of your audience is important even though you’re busy doing other business obligations. Same is true for seasonal businesses and when your customers do not need your product or services on certain times. During those dull seasons, you still need to be consistent. Just because your customers don’t need your business at the moment, it doesn’t mean that you won’t need to market.

Social Media is a fantastic tool when it comes to keeping in touch with your audience in the off-season. Even if they don’t need your product or service at the moment, your customers are still perusing social media. Engage with them by creating polls, special promotions, tips and tricks related to what you are selling, or any interesting piece of content.

When it comes to marketing, especially with the popularity of digital marketing, creativity plays a huge role. You can use your creative ideas to tap into your target audience. And more importantly, have the willpower to do overcome your marketing slump. Develop a consistent habit of actually doing it.

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