03.May.2018 Getting started on social media

With 2018 finally here and staring us in the face, social media is still one of the top digital marketing platform modern companies use. However, there are still some small business owners who have doubts and questions circling in their heads as to how they are going to deal with social media and what strategies are they going to use that would fit to their product or service.

If you are a small business owner in Perth and you haven’t used any social networking site to market your product, service or brand, now is the time. Never be the last one to start utilising its benefits and incorporate it to your daily lives and small business public relations strategy.

How do social networking sites help small business enterprises? What small businesses don’t realize is that social media has a lot of benefits and one of which is by providing an outlet for their small business to transmit and share news, events, press releases, success stories, and other business-related information in real-time.

With social media, you get real-time communication to your customers, lead generation, drive website traffic, raising brand awareness, and instant feedback on a product/service.

Social media marketing can be quite overwhelming especially for those who have not used any social networking site before. Fortunately, there are a few fundamental principles that can help guide you through your first stages of the process.

The golden rule to social media marketing is by choosing the right people to engage. You also need to carefully choose the most suitable and useful content to share. This will help you ensure that your posts are interesting to your customers, and they are more likely to read, like, comment and share your posts.

There are some other important pointers you need to consider when marketing your small business through social media. For more details, read this: https://www.smallbusiness.wa.gov.au/blog/getting-started-social-media

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