15.Sep.2016 Helpful Tips on Finding a Financial Planner in Perth

Finding a financial planner is as important as finding a family doctor – finding both requires a lot of time and research for you to be able to hire the best one.

Financial Planning Perth

When it comes to your finances, you would always want to look for someone you can trust and guide your financial health. But how should you begin your search?

Just like when you find a family doctor, the best place to start your search is referrals from family members or close friends and ask who they work with. Most financial planners out there will tell you where they get their clients but the best ones will tell you that they get their new clients from referrals. You may also try online search.

Today, a large number of baby boomers are nearing and entering retirement making the financial planning profession a career choice for many of us. In other words, there are so many people out there offering financial planning services so you need to be careful when choosing. Keep in mind that only experienced financial planners can really do this job correctly. Ideally, the planner has been in the profession for more than five or ten years and has an educational background in the profession.

Choosing a financial planner for your retirement plans, insurance, or wealth creation ultimately comes down to trust. Finding someone who is trustworthy is extremely important as your relationship with a financial professional is, above all things, a partnership. It is worth taking the added time to find the right planner upfront because you want this relationship to last a lifetime.


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